Efficiency Pilots

Energy Efficiency

Massachusetts has a robust energy efficiency program, including Mass Save®, which is administered by the utilities and offers a host of no- and low-cost efficiency incentives and rebates. Low income customers may access further savings through local community action program (CAP) agencies, such as CCEP partner Worcester Community Action Council.

CAP agencies such as WCAC can help residents discover if they qualify for fuel assistance and can also help residents apply for fuel assistance.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships offers energy saving tips on their website.

For quick reference, see our fact sheet on how to save energy.

HEET GeoMicroDistricts

E4 supports HEET and its work to pilot GeoMicroDistricts. The initiative would replace aging gas infrastructure in Massachusetts with ground-source heat pump (GSHP) systems shared by buildings along a single street segment, or “GeoMicroDistricts.” As gas pipes are replaced, individual GeoMicroDistricts could interconnect to form increasingly larger and more efficient systems that could be managed by a thermal distribution utility.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approved a pilot of this technology in Eversource Gas territory. Communities are being considered on an opt-in basis, with priority granted to environmental justice communities.

Interior Storm Window Pilot

The CCEP facilitated a pilot of a new interior storm window technology created by McDonough Innovation.

A select number of Worcester-area participants had these windows installed at no cost, and their energy savings were evaluated. In addition to assessing factors including utility billing data, window cost, and installation time, participants were also surveyed to to assess home comfort, ease of use, and general satisfaction with the technology.

As a result of this pilot, we worked to uncover whether this technology could be a solution for those who cannot afford to purchase a new window, but experience drafts and low R-value from their existing windows.

Including New Technology in Massachusetts EE Programs

To submit a technology for consideration for inclusion in Massachusetts energy efficiency programs, apply through the Massachusetts Technology Assessment Committee.