Electric Car Sharing

Good2Go, Coming Soon

E4TheFuture is supporting Good2Go, an affordable electric car share in Massachusetts cities.

One of the first Good2Go locations will be in the city of Worcester. Worcester, like many cities in the Northeast, is hilly, snowy and congested. By providing access to clean passenger vehicles, participants will not only become more familiar with operating an EV, but will also able to make a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly transportation choice. For participants who do not own their own vehicle, they will be able to make the consumer choices that vehicle owners take for granted. The program advances equity and environment missions in a direct and impactful way.

Charging stations for the program are funded by National Grid.

Growth, Replication and Sustainability

We are seeking a mechanism to stabilize this pilot, enabling Good2Go to spread to more areas that need it, and to last for years to come.

One way to do this is through the commitment to accessible, clean mobility by our partners: clean transportation organizations, Community Development Corporations (CDCs), electric utilities and Nissan, with support from E4TheFuture.

About Good2Go

  • Rent electric cars
  • Easy sign up/reservations/payments on EVGood2Go.org an the Miocar app (downloadable on the Apple Store and Android Play) **coming soon!
  • Subscribers can choose how many hours they want to drive each month, for as little as $20/month!
  • Telephone customer support
  • Insurance, maintenance and charging included with subscription

Stay Tuned

This pilot is coming soon. Please check back soon for events, sign-ups, and more.

Good2Go’s website, EVGood2Go.org, is coming soon.